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2 or 3 mostly "illegal" hex values per plane

Occasionally I have planes on my scren with 2 or 3 hex values. Mostly they are not from a known range. Any ideas?

FlightAware MLAT Network Announcement :

It’s anonymized MLAT results.

Thanks for the explanation. I thought it was an elegant solution to run one dump1090 without a receiver, just to display data, and feed it with several Pis running at home and friends’ sites.

For the MLAT network this seems to look like a redistribution although in fact it’s no redistribution but a range extension.

I am afraid there will be no solution for this issue.

Or is it possible that only the collecting dump1090/piaware connects to the MLAT network to avoid this issue?

I’d call that personal use and wouldn’t worry about it.
At least that’s how i understand the post i linked to.

dump1090-fa does not forward MLAT messages normally.

So if you forward only 30005 and combine them it’s not problem at all.

Have a look at this if you want to combine multiple feeders:

Just disable port 30105, that is normally where MLAT results are available from piaware.

But as i said as long as the combined site is only for personal viewing, then i don’t see a problem a problem with MLAT results being in the mix.

The link above starts a separate dump1090-fa in net-only mode because once you combine data streams from multiple receivers, MLAT won’t work because the timestamps from the different receiver don’t match.
So i wouldn’t feed the combined feed to flightaware but rather the individual receivers and just combine them for viewing.

Thanks, that was helpful.