1 Tugs, Reviews, Pilots Opinions Wanted

Tugs are the one thing that every pilot uses first before they fly. I am looking for different Opinions on what tugs work best. I am in the market for a tug for my Piper Panther Navajo, pa-31. What tug would you recommend, any pilot experiences? I want the best economical tug that will move the plane in and out of the hanger on level ground. Supertow (I,II, or III)? Powertow? Dragger? Lektro? Thanks for your help.

I have used a 4 wheel electric golf cart, we move from 182-340-560 cessnas. its great it will pull a peterbuilt truck, doesnt have the biggest brakes but its also great to run around the airport.

Lektro seems to be the coveted tug around our airport. Anyone that can afford one has one, those that can’t want one.

I use a John Deere lawn tractor, made the tow bar. Its great.