Zoomable Map not compatible with My Finesse Phone's browser


Ever since the zoomable map was implemented, I’m getting a message on my phone’s browser saying that it does not support vector rendering. The phone is a Samsung Finesse and as far as I know, I’m running on the latest version of the browser.

Prior to the zoom feature, the browser was able to render the map wtih it’s details just fine.

Is there a way to choose what kind of graphical representation to have displayed on the browser? If not, it would be a very much appreciated option to be able to choose. For me the most basic form of graphics is good enough. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to at least get the former map working again on my phone… :frowning: :cry:

We detect mobile browsers to degrade for them, but I guess we’re missing the user agent for the Samsung Finesse. Do you know what platform/OS/web browser it runs?
If you can disable javascript in the web browser on your phone, that will force the old maps.

Thank you for your response. The browser is NetFront V3.4, from ACCESS Co. I could not find out what the OS is, but it seems to be Samsung proprietary.

Should be fixed on the website in a few hours.

It works!!! Thank you.