Zoom diversion

flightaware.com/live/flight/UKZ1 … /KSAN/EGKK
Diverted to KSLC. Medical or mx? Anyone know?

Don’t know but I could’ve sworn this was still a Canadian company…

t is still a [Canadian airline. It’s been authorized to provide flights between the USA and the UK.

Interestingly, it also provides flights between London and Bermuda which, if I’m not mistaken, could be considered a domestic UK route. Can anyone set me straight on that?

Website: flyzoom.com/

Two separate (but related) airlines. Zoom Canada is Z4/OOM and Zoom UK is ZX/UKZ and their airplanes are registered in the appropriate country - C-GZNA was transferred as G-CZNA confusing dyslexic spotters everywhere.

Thanks for the information, pat206. I was wondering how the USA would allow a Canadian company to fly between the UK and the USA. You inspired me to do more research than just look on the Zoom Airlines web page.

Here are the Wikipedia articles on the airlines: Zoom (Canada), Zoom (UK)

I noticed aircraft of both companies are painted the same.

Oh, man!