Your favorite poll!


Lot’s of polls today. What’s your favorite poll? :wink:


None of the above…

This is my favorite poll about polls. We need a poll to see who we, as users of this board, think (without cheating) has started more polls in the shortest amount of time with regards to time since first post. Would it be the Nordakian, Nitro, iPod, or the recently excommunicated RL???


None of the polls because they are not well thought out. They limit the choices to just a handful when there could be many more choices available.

One poll asks for multiple answers (“favorite heavies” yet it’s not possible to have multiple answers.


None of these, TOO MANY POLLS TODAY!!!


My point exactly! :smiley:


No offence being given here, considering the “great” posts Friday, … cf66440a6a

that attacked ipodguy7, but four of the polls are yours!

name change: ipodguy7 to ipollguy7 :wink:


:unamused: very funny perch. :unamused: