Your best airline


Air Canada :smiley:


I don’t own any airlines, so I have no best or worst.

…Now if you mean “Favorite” airline, this topic has been discussed many times - most recently in the following threads:

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No way!

Air Canada makes me feel like I am are imposing on them every time I fly with them. The less you interact with any of their employees the better. So if you e-ticket, do a self-check in online or at the terminal(Montreal CYUL )and only use carry-on bags, then the fact that you get to your destination on time is its own reward. And though recently modified for the better, the Aeroplan points system was a joke. I had 100 000’s of points I could never use because maybe two to four sets where alocated on any given flight. So unless I knew my travel plans a year in advance, they were useless.

CanJet was a great domestic carrier until they went all charter. WestJet customers are happy.

Right now, Air Canada is my only choice. :angry:


Hey you got to love Northwest and this beautiful red tails


No, you don’t "got to love Northwest and this (sic) beautiful red tails.


Southwest Airlines…I’m a flight attendant for them