ynj vs. cynj


It seems that flightaware is confusing flights filed to/from the IATA code YNJ (ICAO: ZYYJ, Yanji, China), which has regularly scheduled commercial flights, with the Langley Regional airport, (ICAO: CYNJ, IATA: none, Langley, BC, Canada).

Either that, or Air China has 737s taking off from a 2743-foot runway with enough fuel to fly across the pacific. I know that Chinese pilots are reported to do crazy things with their airplanes, but this seems a bit much. :wink:

However, there are some flights showing up into Langley that seem plausible, like a Cessna coming from Abbotsford.



That’s funny, probably won’t be long until Air China
really is flying out of Langley!!! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the note, we’ll fix that.


An hour and 57 minutes, works out to about 2500 mph. Either one heck of a tailwind, or China really has us beat on hypersonic technology.


Didn’t you hear the news story about the freak category 7 hurricane with straight-line winds that popped up in the north pacific?