"Yangtze River" - mystery airline


A scanner listener/spotter friend of mine has been regularly hearing the “Yangtze River” callsign on the Oakland Center frequencies - likely overflights - in the San Francisco area. He said they the plane even had spelled out its call letters “YZR”. YZR7995 was heard again over the SF area this evening (Oct. 27).

The question/problem is, of course, is that YZR7995 is no where to be found on the trackers. I also have tried other tracking websites, but without luck.

The closest thing I can find is of course, the obvious, Yangtze River Express of China. But all they have are 737s, which I doubt is making regular flights in the U.S. or to the U.S.

This one has me puzzled. Can anyone help?




Welcome Ben!


Where do the flights land? Ask your friend to follow the flights right down to the tower or approach frequencies. http://www.liveatc.net may help.