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yagi - do you have experience with directional antennas?


Yes, I feed both to FA.

I use the MACoverride feature in dump1090-mutability so that both have the same MAC address.


did not know that this is possible - but then of course i can’t see both coverage distribution graphs from your antennas.
so - i’ll have to wait until my yagi arrives next week and how uni- or omnidirectional it is - and moreover if it helps to have better reception from frankfurt airport. as soon i have some graphs - i’ll post them here …


Home built Yagi pointing East

Home built CoCo


looks like you did a good job constructing the yagi on your own - the plot looks exactly the way one would await from a directional antenna.
do your both sites represent one antenna each?


How about a reflector, something like this one in photo for 2500 MHz, folded dipole with reflector?
Ma be if you fit a reflector to your yagi, its directivity will improve further.


haha :slight_smile: that’s maybe similar to the one i posted above in the thread? http://www.radioworld.co.uk/radar-beam_external_beam_antenna_for_radarbox_490x200x180mm


How about a DIY reflector antenna - a dipole fitted with a strainer stolen from kitchen (dont get caught by your wife) :smiley: :slight_smile:


:))) but what will my neighbors say when i put this on my roof. i definitely have to look for very robust antenna made by a company as the most expensive in my case is mounting/maintaining on the roof. i’m a bavarian but sad to say a very poor mountaineer and my roof is steep and about 35 feet above ground. the antenna-man asks for first install 300-400$ and for each maintenance 80-160$ :frowning:


I am lucky. All my equipment (including antennas) is at my arms reach. Reason: I live in an apartment with no balconies, but have large wall sized windows. My entire installation is strictly indoor. Me and my antennas live at 60 feet (20 meters) above road level. Saves me the cost to make a 20 meters high antenna mast, the technician fees and mast-climbing. :mrgreen: :smiley:

P.S. All my equipment is immune to weather conditions like snow storms, severe cold or heat, rain, wind, sunlight, dust, rust, etc, and stays in an ambient condition 25°C / 75°F, Humidity 50% all round the year.


abcd - as you know from my former posts - at the moment my setup is very similar to yours. my antenna is mounted on an old photo-tripod on my attic. my house sits on a tiny hill about 200 feet above a small village in the south of munich/bavaria - well the climatic circumstances are not this cohiba humidor approved like yours - but still ok :slight_smile:


Well I have to pay a handsome “ransom” every month for the Central Heating & Air Conditioning, even though I dont want such “cohiba humidor approved” conditions, and can easily live in lower levels of climatic circumstances.


i could easily live in your climatic circumstances but: i just ordered 1900 gallon (4,000 euro) - that’s what the house uses per year - having 25 celsius over the year it would be nearly double as much :frowning:

but back to antennas - the one with reflector you posted (and i posted a link above). what is different/better - reflector or yagi? and when i look at my dvb-t antenna (backup for my sat dish) it looks like a combination of both types …


One of my most common childhood sights was the the TV antennas on roof of almost every household. These antennas came in numerous designs & shapes, but one thing was common: all were Yagis!

http://www.my.all.biz/img/my/catalog/51860.jpeg . http://www.tvantenna.com/products/tvreception/tvantennas/winegard/HD-7084P-2.jpg


exactly - the left one looks the way my dvb-t antenna is. but for ads-b i found only yagi without big reflector or reflector without yagi.



the first one i ordered on thursday - but wondering which one would have been the better - and why there are none witch combines yagi-reflector style?


How about using Yagis this way: :smiley: :slight_smile: :mrgreen:


today the yagi antenna was delivered and i started testing …



Wow:looks great.
How much is your valet lighter now?


:slight_smile: they asked for 150 euro shipping inclusive - as this is their ‘cheap line’ they hve the same as a pro model and this is more than 300 euro: http://www.amateur-radio-antenna.com/ism-aeronautical-antenna/secondary-radar-1090/antenna-secondary-radar-flu-sr-y13-prof.php. initially i was looking for a kathrein scala http://kathreinusa.com. because i love kathrein https://www.kathrein.com - it is a great bavarian antenna company and their scala division is made in usa. but i couldn’t find one for 1,090mhz - only beyond and above …

p.s. they have 1090 antennas - but they are totally different from the money i could ever pay :slight_smile:


Those plots are wrong. Yagi is a highly polarized antenna, it is directional only on the azimuth plane, on vertical plane the gain is null. It is not a symmetrical lobe in 3D.


Been thinking about that reply for a while? :slight_smile: