XML Push Notifications - No Reg Until Arrival

I’m in the early phases of getting push notifications sent to my server to keep an eye out for “interesting” inbound aircraft; looking the logs for all of my pushed XML alerts today, I noticed that today’s Icelandair 657 didn’t include any tail / reg / ident information until I got the arrival notification (full readouts are below; plain-text time-stamps up top are in CDT, if that’s of any value).

In short, the push data for the filed and departure events didn’t have a registration, but, the arrival info did - if I’m interested in heading out to the airport to get a photo of the aircraft landing, knowing the tail after arrival is of little value.

Is this an issue of international flight plan filing? A glitch with the system or that aircraft in your database? Should I be pinging your service for an update an hour or two before arrival in hopes that the reg will be available once the aircraft is in contact with Canadian or American flight controllers? Something that’ll be addressed V3?

2017-05-24 11:53 am

FlightXML/2.0 (mc_chan_flightxml)
{“long_desc”:“Icelandair #657 (B763) has just filed a flight plan. It is scheduled to depart from Keflavik Int’l (BIKF/KEF) at 04:45PM GMT Wednesday (24 May) heading for Minneapolis/St Paul Intl (KMSP) for an estimated arrival at 05:55PM CDT Wednesday (24 May).”,“short_desc”:“ICE657 (B763) filed to depart BIKF/KEF @ Wed (24 May) 04:45PM GMT for KMSP @ ETA 05:55PM CDT (24 May) “,“summary”:“ICE657 filed a flight plan BIKF/KEF → KMSP”,“eventcode”:“filed”,“alert_id”:21233621,“flight”: {“ident”:“ICE657”,“aircrafttype”:“B763”,“origin”:“BIKF”,“destination”:“KMSP”,“filed_ete”:“06:10:00”,“route”:””, “faFlightID”:“ICE657-1495430751-airline-0228”,“filed_altitude”:0,“filed_airspeed_kts”:426,“filed_time”:1495430751,“filed_departuretime”:1495644300, “estimatedarrivaltime”:1495666500,“actualarrivaltime”:0,“actualdeparturetime”:0,“estimated_blockin_time”:1495667100,“filed_blockin_time”:1495667100, “actual_blockin_time”:0,“estimated_blockout_time”:1495644300,“filed_blockout_time”:1495644300,“actual_blockout_time”:1495644300,“filed_arrivaltime”:1495666500}}

2017-05-24 1:35 pm

FlightXML/2.0 (mc_chan_flightxml)
{“long_desc”:"Icelandair #657 (B763) departed Keflavik Int’l (BIKF/KEF) at 05:03PM GMT enroute to Minneapolis/St Paul Intl (KMSP) for an estimated arrival at 05:50PM CDT

Destination (Minneapolis/St Paul Intl / MSP): Terminal 2",“short_desc”:“ICE657 (B763) departed BIKF/KEF @ 05:03PM GMT for KMSP ETA 05:50PM CDT”,“summary”:“ICE657 has departed BIKF/KEF for KMSP”,“eventcode”:“departure”,“alert_id”:21233621,“flight”:{“ident”:“ICE657”,“aircrafttype”:“B763”,“origin”:“BIKF”,“destination”:“KMSP”,“filed_ete”:“05:47:00”,“route”:“6600N/05000W CLAVY CLAVY BERUS FEDDY CHARN DURIL COLDD BAINY3”,“faFlightID”:“ICE657-1495430751-airline-0228”,“filed_altitude”:360,“filed_airspeed_kts”:426,“filed_time”:1495430751,“filed_departuretime”:1495644300,“estimatedarrivaltime”:1495666221, “actualarrivaltime”:0,“actualdeparturetime”:1495645380,“estimated_blockin_time”:1495667100,“filed_blockin_time”:1495667100,“actual_blockin_time”:0, “estimated_blockout_time”:1495644300,“filed_blockout_time”:1495644300,“actual_blockout_time”:1495644300,“filed_arrivaltime”:1495665120}}

2017-05-24 5:44 pm

FlightXML/2.0 (mc_chan_flightxml)
{“long_desc”:"Icelandair #657 arrived at Minneapolis/St Paul Intl (KMSP) at 05:44PM CDT from Keflavik Int’l (BIKF/KEF)

Destination (Minneapolis/St Paul Intl / MSP): Terminal 2",“short_desc”:“ICE657 arrived at KMSP from BIKF/KEF”,“summary”:“ICE657 arrived at KMSP from BIKF/KEF”,“eventcode”:“arrival”,“alert_id”:21233621,“flight”:{“ident”:“ICE657”,“aircrafttype”:“B763”,“origin”:“BIKF”,“destination”:“KMSP”,“filed_ete”:“05:47:00”,“route”:“6600N/05000W CLAVY CLAVY BERUS FEDDY CHARN DURIL COLDD BAINY3”,“faFlightID”:“ICE657-1495430751-airline-0228”,“reg”:“TFISP”,“filed_altitude”:360,“filed_airspeed_kts”:426,“filed_time”:1495430751,“filed_departuretime”:1495644300,“estimatedarrivaltime”:1495666120, “actualarrivaltime”:1495665862,“actualdeparturetime”:1495645380,“estimated_blockin_time”:1495667100,“filed_blockin_time”:1495667100,“actual_blockin_time”:0, “estimated_blockout_time”:1495644300,“filed_blockout_time”:1495644300,“actual_blockout_time”:1495644300,“filed_arrivaltime”:1495665120}}

Registration information isn’t always available throughout all phases of flight, depending on the amount of data being provided to us by our different data sources.

In this particular case, we probably derived the registration based on ADS-B information when it first entered within range of one of our ADS-B receivers about 3 hours into the flight.

You can see from this tracklog for that flight, we were relying on only radar information during early parts of the flight.
flightaware.com/live/flight/ICE … P/tracklog

We’ve got to send some better antennas to our ADS-B friends in Reykjavik! :laughing:

That all seems to make sense, I suppose. I’ll have to add some logic to accomidate scenarios like this. Thanks!