XML Data Requirement


I am interested in using flight data on our new website. The information I am hoping to utilise is based on a customer entering a flight number into a form and the data feed providing my site with the following information:

  • Departure Airport
  • Departure Terminal/Pier
  • Destination Airport
  • Departure Time of flight

It is not 100% clear whether class information here flightaware.com/commercial/flig … _class.rvt actually will return the information required. Does anyone know if this is the case and if not is the data accessible from another source?

Thanks in advance.


Most of your data will come from the function “FlightInfoEx”, which happens to be class 3. Gate/Terminal information is available in “AirlineFlightInfo” after you have used FlightInfoEx.

Don’t worry specifically about which class a function is, since you no one is limited to using functions from only a specific class. The classes only let you estimate the pricing difference between them.