XM Weather issue today.

Out and back today my WX Weather did not work. That’s happened before. The strange part is half way there I started getting XM music. I tried to mute it but because I DON’T pay for XM music the menu is blank and says waiting for data.

The really strange part is another pilot I spoke with had the same problem.

Anyone else?

Frank Holbert

Does Microsoft make the software for it?

There you go. I should click on Start, Shutdown, Reboot the Bellanca…

Frank Holbert

My handheld GPS was acting crazy today would not turn just kept rebooting. Also I have the Microsoft Zune, big mistake, and it hade the error at midnight, made a noise and then rebooted when it got to 100% just stayed like that until battery died. A lot of users had that error though. I assume this is why wazzu90 asked about Microsoft. So altogether wierd start to the new year for technology. :laughing:

It’s a software glitch… I would contact your nearest XM technician and send the device to XM so they could correct the matter.

Are you sure or just guessing? Usually this is fixed with a phone call.

Frank Holbert

Usually its fixed with a phone call? If it happens again its got to be a software glitch.

Frank I have that crazy issue in my car from time to time. As you said a simple phone call should correct the issue.

Count me in on your issue today. I had the same problem.

I called XM this morning and they said it’s a big issue with Garmin GPS’s right now and I need to call Garmin for a fix. I few over 4 hours today, shot three approaches and iced up once. Really missed my XM WX.

We had this problem for about a year and a half on our G1000 system and they have it figured out…hopefully for all of you with Garmin handhelds it won’t take as long. But with XM it wouldnt surprise me :unamused:

All was fine yesterday morning then after Noon it went dead. Tried again this morning and everything seems to be working. I am using a 396 w/30A antenna

Lots of people are having this problem apparently. I’m having the problem with a 396 w/gxm30a and a 496 w/gxm30a. I tried using the wx yesterday and noticed the problem, along with the demo audio-channel blasting in my headsets. Some people have had the problem since 12/31. Calls to Garmin have them pointing fingers at XM, calls to XM have them pointing fingers at Garmin. Sigh.

I had the same problem too this week-end on a trip from TN to FL on Friday morning 1/2 and from FL back to TN Sunday night. 3.5 hour trips each way and NO WX. Called XM and they did the whole “restart, resend signal” routine but nothing happened, still “awaiting signal”. Will got to airport and check again on Monday.

Ben Tankard

Brought my GPS home yesterday. There were no updates but I re-flashed the software. Today I still had the same issue with my 396.

~No XM weather
~Demo music playing over the GPS with no way to mute it other than pulling the audio plug.

Everyone needs to call XM and get their money refunded until this problem is fixed.

This seems to be a problem unique to Garmin 396/496.

Pilots using other XM weather systems from Collins, WXWORX and Headsup are not reporting any problems.

I have had no problems in the last few days with XM Weather on a Collins Proline 21 system.

I too have the prob. XM works on my 496 with a freinds 30A antenna, just gets waiting for data with mine. I’ve had multiple “refreshes” sent by XM. Garmin hasn’t responded. I just tried another “refresh” using the XM site refresh.xmradio.com. Amazing how fast we get dependent on this stuff.

It is not just the Garmin 396/496’s that are not receiving weather. I received a 696 for Christmas and the XM wether and radio services only worked for a 12 hour period January 2nd through the morning of the 3rd. The unit has been refreshed at least 20 times, and deactivated 3 times. XM and Garmin each blame the other.

I too have 496/GXM30 and haven’t got anything either. Lots of finger pointing, according to an article on AVWEB it may be a while.

I just upgraded my 496 software from 3.1 to 3.6. This also automatically updated the entenna (GXM30A) software. No change, still “Waiting For Data”.