WX for IFR Alternate

Why does the FAA require better than VFR WX for IFR alternates? If it’s OVC018 you can fly VFR but not land there as an IFR alternate. I guess if the pilot was really bent on landing that other arpt, he could cancel the IFR flight plan at 1300’ AGL and go VFR.

They do that so the chances of bad weather moving into your alternate are slimmer that if they were just mvfr. You wouldn’t want to get shut out of your origional destination and then go to your alternate just to find out you can’t get in there either. And yes you can get under the clouds and cancel ifr and go to that unofficial alternate vfr.

It’s quite common to file a “paper” alternate…that is one that meets the requirements of the regs…and have a totally different idea in mind.

For instance you might be arrivng at White Plains NY and the nearest legal alternate is Burlington VT. You file and fuel for BTV, but you know darn well that you’re gonna use Teterboro, but can’t file it because of that pesky “Occasional 400-1” in the forecast.

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Are you Falcon 50 pilot on the east coast?

Wild guess but I bet he flies the falcon 7x. Good lookin plane by the way.

The regs are intended to ensure that you have a good, solid ‘out’ in the event of bad weather. There is nothing in the regs that requires you to use your filed alternate. When you go missed at your primary airport, the controllers asks intentions.

In the event that you have a total communications failure (much less likely in this day of handheld backup radios), they would expect you to fly to your alternate. However, as several controllers have told me, they really just watch you on radar when they lose radio contact and just move eveything out of your way. I don’t think the controllers even show your alternate on your flight strip.

Not quite. The 7X isn’t certified yet but ours is on order. And no, I don’t fly on the East coast. Currently flying a 900 in the midwest.

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No It’s 7X #3 being used as a demonstrator and flight test. It’s the latest configuration with the winglets. Current advertised range is 5950 nm.

Here’s a pic of the 900C that I fly right now that was taken in China and showed up on airliners.net