wrong times on first graph


why would the first page graph show a 4- 5 pm time frame when the detailed log times and graph show a noon to 1pm time frame. fklight was scheduled and actual from noon to 1 pm and was ifr.

does the first page show zulu? and the detail local? if so it shoud be labelled as such


The graph (on both the flight page and the track log page) and track log are always in your timezone to prevent timezone crossing confusion. The other times at the top of the page comply with your user time preferences.


that doesn’t explain it. based on your reply i thought first maybe my fbo’s computer has the wrong time, but the problem is different times on differnet graphs. all flights were in same time zone.

specificaly it was 1 pm on for the flight and on the detail log page, but 5 pm on the initital page.


What flight and were you logged in?