Wrong Destination shows up consistently


I have noticed that in relation to Cougar Helicopters Flight CH1 from CYHZ Halifax, the destination commonly shows as Shelby County (KEET) but in reality this daily flight is a relatively short one to offshore production platforms. Where does this spurious information come from? and can it be fixed?

Edit: I should have mentioned that today, as generally happens, this flight is showing on the map as if it is indeed going to Shelby County, with a duration of over 14 hours!, this being in a Sikorsky S-92. In fact the flights are from Halifax to offshore oil or gas platforms and are really only quite short. CH2 is the return, and of course the reality is that the flight is back in Halifax long before the 14 hours listed as its outbound flight. All very peculiar, and has been going on for more than a year.


I filed a ticket with our development team and they are looking into the issue. Thank you for letting us know.


Looking into the issue, the route shown indicates EET as the last point of the route. EET is the IATA code for KEET. Im not sure what they are intending to be that last point, but as long as it is there, it will direct the plan to go to EET airport…


Thanks for looking into this… I will call Cougar and run it by them. I have no idea myself what EET means, other than of course what you are pointing out re KEET.