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Wrong data display in ADS-B stats

seem to be that you have problems displaying numbers properly in the stats section for the last 30 days. The column ADS-B MLAT position is not well formatted, somebody needs to look into this.

Tested on Firefox and Opera, so it seem to be browser independent

What’s the issue exactly, do you mean the alignment? The use of . for grouping is likely due to your locale.

The grouping is not grouping correctly.


Also numbers with left side alignment are atrocious without 0 padding :slight_smile:

Oh yeah I see what you mean.

I raised a bug for the web team to look at this.

Please read the numbers again. It’s not simply the use of ‘.’ or ‘,’

I worked out what you meant after wiedehopf described the exact problem, but in the future bug reports work much better if you describe the specific problem rather than assuming that the reader immediately sees the error.

From the screenshot it should be visible directly. I didn’t expect to explain more, sorry about that.

The error is back: