Wrong count in daily stats

Anyone knows what happened?

I just saw that the Sunday shows up twice in the hourly stats if scrolling back to yesterday:


Going another day back or forward again to the current day removes that.

Additional note: This is not only in my profile. If checking a random different profile, the same issue is shown.

Mine’s fine, so are all the other ones I look at.

Have you tried as i said changing the day to one day back using this button?


Only in this case the two “Sun” appear, Changing to a different day does not show it

It’s still OK for me. Only one Sunday the 31st.

Same over here, maybe a glitch due to the switch to winter time?

That could be it. They don’t have Daylight Saving’s or Summer time here. Maybe @obj can confirm.

Mine shows normal, even though we heave switched over to winter-time

My local time now GMT following clock change, but I see the same problem as @foxhunter


Same here. Sorry was not able to reply earlier.

Still no reaction from @obj ?

Not that important. Maybe the bug is gone automatically in approx 3 hours :wink:

It must be one of those 8-day leap weeks :rofl:

Hi! I have very little involvement in the web side of the stats page, what do you want me to say?

I am glad it’s a double sunday. Otherwise the shopping opportunities of our wifes would be more…

Tested it this morning, the double sunday remain in. So the bug will be gone in a week.


For me it would be interesting what exactly is shown. All days differ in the reported values, but there is no second sunday

I created a ticket for this. From inspection the data seems to be actually for the 30th and 31st (and all the previous days are off by one). There’s no duplicated data in the underlying database.

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Whatever they did with the ticket, but the problem is fixed now. The additional sunday is gone.

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