Wrong aircraft type


I just wanted to let you know that I noticed an a/c labeled incorrectly. I fly for an airline whose code is CFS and we operate some Fokker 27 Friendship aircraft. The flight tracker shows us as Fairchild FH-227’s. Examples of our flights using those types are CFS7757, CFS8276, CFS7777 just to name a few. I know this is nit-picky, but it is a different airplane. Thanks!


Ya I noticed that yesterday… but the FH-227 is the same thing. Looks like the F-27 was made by Fokker, Fairchild and Fairchild-Hiller.

Here’s a flight Empire 777

I flew on F-27’s as pax in the old days. I enjoy hearing your Dart’s on take off and climb.


The FH227 was built by Fairchild but was a longer version than the standard F27 built by Fokker and under license by Fairchild.


…and all civilian C-130’s are Rockwell Spectre (quad-turboprop) (C130/R)





That’s true, lancasterperch. It’s just that the drop tanks are in stealth mode on the civilian models.


I didn’t know Lynden had those! Look how the camera caught the prop tips… cool! 8)


Our aircraft is an experimental Lancair IVP. It comes up on Flightaware as “LANC” when it should be “LNC4”, which is how we identify it to ATC.


That is a typo either in the flightplan or when the plan was activated by the FAA. LANC is an Avro Lancaster ( one flies out of Hamilton ON )

Are a majority of your flights ’ type ’ LNC4 ’ or is this your first IFR flight with this plane and you noticed the LANC ’ type ’ designation?


Ahh. You are right. We did not file that flight. It was a pop up and ATC probably just filled in a blank as they did not ask us to identify the aircraft. I forgot about that when I posted this morning (too early). Thanks.