Never trust statistics. :slight_smile:
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We’re aware of the glitch with that account and working to resolve it.

772floridadsb shows 466 feeders.

CASSIMA has now 1111 feeders.

No wonder why Flightaware is having trouble keeping up with new stations! People have hundreds of them! =P

CASSIMA 1502 sites
772floridadsb 483 sites
Alan Henney 1047 sites

CASSIMA 1778 sites
772floridadsb 655 sites
Alan Henney 1260 sites
HelilineHelicopters 510 sites
Hildir 1468 sites

Alan Henney 1275 SITES
772floridadsb 668 SITES
HelilineHelicopters 524 SITES
Hildir 1482 SITES

Did they found a way to automatically claim the new feeders or what?

No, it’s a bug (one symptom of a deeper underlying problem that is being worked on)