Would our congress do this?


November 7, 2007
Will Congress Raid The Aviation Trust Fund?

By Mary Grady, News Writer, Editor

That’s the question raised by a Wall Street Journal commentary on Wednesday. The procedural rules that would allow it to happen are complex – the sausage factory analogy certainly applies – but according to the WSJ, Congress could pilfer the $10 billion per year raised by airline excise taxes (and GA fuel taxes) and use it to balance the budget so they don’t have to impose higher taxes on the middle class – as they would otherwise have to, under their own rules, to balance the budget. This sleight of hand will be made possible only if the House allows general tax revenue to fund the FAA. Thus, according to the WSJ, there is a major political incentive for Congress to change the FAA’s funding structure, to solve its own political problems.


to solve its own political problems.

Let’s start with Congress doing the right thing with responsible spending… :unamused:


That sentence is such an oxymoron! Congress, and other elected government “representatives” would never do anything responsible like cut spending.


Shall we say that Congress itself is moronic?..


I just want to know when we are going to take back our own damn country!


It’s gonna get worse before it gets better.


I second that - do we have a third motion/witness… :cry:


When we stop being “politically correct” on our actions and when we can start screening our visitors from politically troubled nations before they enter our country (or even after - I.E. profiling).

Be rest assured, Americans are profiled when we go to another country, that’s for sure.

But that’s a whole 'nuther topic probably in another forum all together. :open_mouth: