Would JetBlue succeed in ATL?


Would JetBlue have any success in Atlanta? Yes, I know Delta pretty much “owns” ATL, but still, what are your thoughts?


Not for long. I have the feeling that Southwest will soon (2 or 3 years) have a very high percentage of domestic flights out of Atlanta.


They failed there once and struggle immensely in the hubs of their competitors like Chicago and Phoenix.


I can’t help sometimes but wonder, would JetBlue succeed today? I always thought they tried to serve the Atlanta market way before their time. Now, with the departure of a large AirTran hub, and Delta struggling to make $$$, maybe JetBlue would have some successful routes. My guess would be markets such as ATL to BOS, JFK (maybe …), MIA, ORD. Who knows …


The Airtran hub is essentially the same size as it was a year or 2 ago.

Delta is not struggling to make money, in fact they are likely the most profitable of the legacy carriers.

JetBlue does not fly to MIA, I don’t know why you suggest they fly there from ATL. They do fly to FLL, however yields are very poor due to the presence of lots of DL capacity as well as NK and FL in that market. As I said before, JetBlue struggles immensely in ORD. They are dropping ORD-LGB and ORD-JFK is down to just 2 or 3 flights a day. It appears the only route where JetBlue does decent at ORD is BOS.

As such, I believe the only route where B6 would have a chance to succeed in ATL is BOS. However, they would still face very stiff competition on that route from both DL and FL.


Do you think WN would take over FL’s BOS route, or would they just eliminate it?


While WN is going to eliminate FL’s hub operations at ATL, they still will be flying almost all of the routes that are currently operated by FL in ATL. I have not seen anything that indicates BOS/ATL will be eliminated.