Working ground effect?

Talk about one brave soul :smiley:

Brave is not exactly the word I would use to describe him! :unamused:

At 29 seconds into the video, the guy passes by two skiers…
Their thoughts: “W.T.F.?” :open_mouth:
My thoughts: “You crazy, man!”

I always want to know who the first person to try this is and are they still living?

Is the link still good?

i just checked and it worked for me.

Turns out that there are a lot of crazy folks doing this kind of thing. A couple of years ago there was a “race” at Northstar (Lake Tahoe) where skydivers wearing skis ran through a set of pylons, initially by controlling their parachute and then, after hitting the snow and dropping the chute, on skiis. What surprised me was how many entrants there were in the race.

I first read entrants as entrails. Which would not actualy be all that surprising.

Amazing control…20, maybe 15 ft off the surface at terminal velocity…wow

Not a long life-expectancy to that profession!

I’d imagine their agents don’t negotiate salaries with their sponsors; they negotiate life insurance policy face value.

This ‘sport’ is amazingly similar to base jumping, for which there in an online list of 114 fatalities, the latest of which was barely two weeks ago.