Won't allow to place FlightAlerts


Why won’t it accept a placement of a Flight Alert?
It does not matter what date I place the alert for… the response is always the same. “Your dates can not be in the past”.
I choose the dates using the calendar and click on the correct day. Even when placing an alert for Nov. 3/2011… it says my date is in the past and it won’t add the alert. Why?

Thank you.


Sorry for the problem. We are currently looking into the issue and should have a resolution soon. In the mean time, is there a specific alert you would like to create that I could assist you with?


Last night I wanted KLM 696 flight from CYYZ to Amsterdam, but that flight has take off and landed.

The next flight is KLM 691 on November 3, 2011 from Amsterdam to Toronto CYYZ. I know it’s a month off… but I would like to schedule an alert for it when it starts.

So it appears it is a system problem of some kind?



We have resolved the issue and you should be able to create your alert as desired.
Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.


Thank you.

Worked like a charm. You have the magic touch apparently.



Trying to set up alerts I get this message regardless of timeframe requested:

Your dates cannot be more than 9 months in the future (2011/11/29)



I am receiving the same information as the others with the same error message .


I am also experiencing the same problem. Would appreciate problem being resolved ASAP.


I believe this issue has been resolved.

If it has not been resolved for you, please make a note of whether you input the date manually or used the date picker pop-up, and reply here.

Thank you.