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Woman reportedly breastfed pet cat on board Delta flight to Atlanta

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Better link:

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The second link is full of ads…

And on the first one, i get this:

451: Unavailable for legal reasons

We recognise you are attempting to access this website from a country belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA) including the EU which enforces the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and therefore cannot grant you access at this time. For any issues, e-mail us at news@cbs46.com or call us at (404) 325-4646.

It is the 2020s- anything can happen.


And the same person has the right to vote. Explains a lot about our political class.

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Did you try with uBlock Origin ?

Sorry about that. I don’t see all the ads thanks to another Pi project that gives me my own DNS server that dead ends all requests for ads to any sites on my block list. It’s pi-hole.net.

I really recommend pi-hole. There’s curated block lists that include tracking sites, ad sites, spyware sites, etc. You just tell Pi-Hole which lists you want to use and can always whitelist and blacklist sites easily. My pi-hole in turn is aimed at OpenDNS to use their continually-updated lists of malware and other sites.

Not only do I not get deluged with ads, cookies, and other junk, but pages load extremely fast and it cuts required bandwidth. All those ads are coming from a multitude of servers and some seem very overloaded and slow. Pi-Hole sidesteps them. We always get that cold slap of ad-laden pages whenever we travel and aren’t protected by the home Pi-Hole so I’m building a portable unit to use when away from home.

A lot of websites give you nag messages for having an ad blocker but if you lose any important stuff you can always use the whitelist feature to allow stuff you want. Something else is you can see all those internet-enabled devices phone home. When internet goes down it’s also eye opening to see how many devices panic and start trying hard to get out.

Anyway, highly recommended.Once we tried it there’s no going back plus your computers are a little safer.

Even then…
Assuming not having the filter list for these domains installed, because normally i don’t need it

I am using a VPN with ADBlocker, but even this is not able to filter it 100%
Tried PI-Hole, but my solution works more efficient
The other link works when switching to a US based server

But as it has nothing to do with the topic itself, it doesn’t matter.

Pi-Hole is very useful. Used it for some time.

Won’t block everything but real world, doubt anything will.


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