WN to announce end to their codeshare with Y4?

There are reports to two other side that WN as early as this coming Tuesday will announce (in a manner like how the WS codeshare was ending) that their codeshare with Y4 will end. Is there any truth to these reports?

WN still is pricing SMF-MEX round trip that leaves 2/26 and returns 3/5.

Right now, It’s safe to assume not until they announce it. However, what happens is still up in the air, because of how much SWA has brought in house from the TRS purchase. Right now, the only major route that comes into conflict is TRS’ runs into MMSD, and even that isn’t a direct flight for VOI.

So it really all depends on what SWA/TRS does.


MMUN and MMMX are also common cities as well.

FL now flies to MDW, BWI, DEN and ATL to MMUN and FL now flies to SNA and SAT for MMMX. On Tuesday, KLAS is only US city served by Y4 to/from MMMX.

Who is Y4?

My stolen decoder ring says Volaris… you can borrow it anytime. Amazing how little effort spelling it out took but then I get yelled at around here for stating the obvious most times…

Thanks, Jim.

One of my pet peeves: people too lazy to type it out. If I had posted this, I would have said Volaris (Y4) then just used the code later on.

You’re welcome… an ENORMOUS pet peeve mine, too…

I have a feeling it’s not about competition, but the fact that very few people use this codeshare and that WN has to staff transfer desks at places like SMF that virtually nobody uses. Basically, WN isn’t getting anything out of it except a pain in the neck.