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Wishlist - Stats page

Now that we have over 200 members finding a particular feeder or just the feeders from one country can take some time.

My wish:
Could the country list be modified so that on clicking on a country a list of feeders from that country is shown.
e.g. Germany has about 10 feeders finding them in the long list is quite a job.
So from the country list if I click on Germany I would like to get a list of all feeders in Germany.


If you look at the full list of feeder sites, there’s a search field at the upper-right corner of the table. This will let you filter the table according to any search terms. If you want to view only German feeders, for instance, you can type “Germany” into that textbox and the table will only show feeder sites located in Germany.

Great - that is what I was looking for.
I was always looking at the summary page (i.e. top 20) - this page doesnt show the search feature.

Could the search feature be included on the summary page as well ?