Wish List: A Study

Forgive me if this has been discussed before, but…

What aircraft do you own or fly?

If you could improve two aspects of your current aircraft’s performance, which would you choose?

Which aircraft doesn’t matter.

Increase speed and reduce fuel consumption.

(Yes, I know. Cop-out.) :wink:

Fly: G2
Wish list: hmmm, how about more speed on less fuel? :smiley:

Yeah right, you’ve got a picture of the G-650 taped to your wall don’t you??? Come on, you can admit it…

He taped it to the wall of the owner’s cabin, and that’s only because he couldn’t get it tattooed to the inside of the owner’s eyelids! :laughing:

Man, how do you guys know this stuff…?

I thought Benny Hinn told ya…

nobody ever tells me anything.

Own:Challenger 601…I wish
Fly: Piper Warrior PA 28-161

Increase speed reduce fuel consumption seems like a good answer for me as well