Wings of Freedom Tour


I’m looking for the three planes currently flying “The Wings of Freedom Tour”. They are a B-17, a B-24, and a B-25. Today they were scheduled to fly between San Antonio (KSSF) and Mineral Wells (KMWL).

I don’t find anything on FA, possibly because the planes are military, blocked, or flying VFR. Does anyone have anything on this?


This is the only thing I could come up with. My guess is that they fly VFR around the country.


Highly reccommend getting out and seeing these beautiful birds. They (B-17 & B-24) “unofficially” stopped over in Tulsa back in August. It was a good break for me from painting and moving into my new house. Of course, it helps to be friends with the owner of the FBO that provides the fuel…


I’ll second that. My grandfather actually flew the Liberator back in WWII, so that was my motivation to see it with him and my father, and it was well worth it. My grandfather actually got to fly around in it a few years ago, but I was not as lucky. :frowning:


“The Wings of Freedom Tour” arrives at Dallas’s Love Field (KDAL) today.

Here’s an article from the Dallas Morning News reporting on the tour.

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