Wind speed question

From a commercial airliner standpoint…
At what wind speed does taking off/landing operations become problematic/dangerous?

I’m just curious (as an passanger) at what point I should start becoming concerned!


My opinion (which is wrong most of the time) as a passenger you don’t need to be concerned… I was flying in a Cessna 172 the other day with gusts of 30 knots… The pilots know what to do, you’ll get a better answer from some of the other guys.

As living in one of the windier places in America (27030G38KT current METAR), I would say not much effects the airliners. Of course it would depend mostly on crosswind component, as youtube has several videos of airliners trying to land in 40+kt crosswinds, and the amusing and sometimes terrifying results.

I wonder where that is?

Per the operations manual for American Eagle, we do not land or take off if wind gusts or sustained winds are 50 knots or greater. However, the max crosswind for the EMB145 is 30knots (but changes depending on visibility/ceiling/runway conditions per our ops manual).

Why check the weather- I’m going anyway…