WIG - anyone game for a ride?

Long time lurker and all that - but this is surely worthy of a first time post (even if it’s only because I’m from the same part of the world):


That looks real stable.

Pretty cool I thought.

How about a helicopter . . .


How long do those rocket motors run for? Or how many of them did they have to attach to those blades??

Looks maybe like rockets to get it going and then a transition to the on-board air-compressor. There can’t be shafted power because it hovers without any anti-torque compensation (tail rotor). If the power is actually in the blades, no conventional anti-torque compensation would seem to be be required. I cannot imagine a rocket with that high a specific impulse and longevity in such a small package. Interesting.

I clearly see a tail rotor, am I missing something?

Yup…you are right. I should have looked closer. Initially, it looked like a propulsive rotor…gotta get a new monitor and maybe new glasses. Sorry about that.

Rocket or RamJet? I’m thinking these guys are using small ramjet engines.

Show that to obama… :unamused:

What makes you think that, given their subsonic speeds?

Small size, long burn time, lack of smoke.

Also, I found their web page which had several videos titled “Tip-Jet Swisscopter”.

But it turns out they are using peroxide propulsion rockets. See the linkies:


What happens if it misses a beat or two?