WiFi on FlightFeeder


The FlightFeeder box currently does not support a WiFi dongle however, support is being built in. Any pointers when the update will be out and what chipset(s) will be supported? I am quite eager to see this functionality and happy to test it as well.


I have a WiFi bridge - this model amazon.com/Wireless-Dreambox … ifi+bridge

It will do the job, it does run a bit warm (think about that if putting it in a box). There are newer models.

This connects to the Ethernet port on your Pi (or whatever) and converts it to WiFi. It needs a 5-15V supply which can can come from a USB port, power consumption is under 1.5w

Needs a windows PC to set the SSID etc. before it’s moved to the device it’s to be used with.


I have FlightFeeder supplied by FA and it currently does not support wifi. I know it’s in the works hence my questions