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Why were the Coronavirus China evacuees flown on a cargo 747?

Why were the 221 or whatever China Coronavirus evacuees flown on a 747 FREIGHTER? Seats clamped in backwards. No windows…no PSU’s, so one must assume no passenger oxygen system. All of the main deck doors except the main deck forward door are blocked off on a freighter. There are no emergency escape slides. There are no gasper fans. There was probably a palletized lavatory. Why was this done? Why not a passenger plane? Burn the seats and disinfect the cargo interior easier? I know this was NOT allowed by the FAA…so it had to be done as a MAC charter. I have ridden on military aircraft with a squadron…C141 same deal…no windows, no 02, seats clamped in a freighter backwards. Why the “weird” MAC flight? Has this become more common in the age of constant foreign wars in the middle east? I think the most dangerous part of their evacuation was this airplane ride. For stated reasons: It’s all good as long as there isn’t (wasn’t) a problem. Information?


I am assuming Kalitta has the contract for military airlifts. There is another and possibly a second flight next week, hence the security of military facilities for quarantine…

When I flew quite a few MAC charters for various companies (who did both passengers and freight), the MAC charters for personnel were done in a passenger plane, not a freighter. I know they have a MAC contract.

I really don’t know the answer…but this article might shed some clues

This plane and another Kalitta 747 are at Inchon now and one is rumored to be flying from China to Miramar NAS soon with another load of state department employees and dependents.

N705CK and N713CK are at Inchon

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One of the flights had tail N416CK visible on tv news. Summary

Fixed wing multi engine
(490 seats / 4 engines)



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WHY the hell is Air china and other Chinese airlines still flying in an out of Sydney and Melbs? Wont they ever go away.?