Why was this 747-8 is San Antionio today?


They came here to the Boeing facility for final assembly/finish out as did a few 787s last year.
flightaware.com/photos/view/1001 … ate/page/1

Sorry we dont have any 747-800’s

There is no such airplane.

LOL, I remember that thread, AND it’s San Antonio, not Antionio

Ya done beat me to the punch! :cry:

Got another one coming 8)
flightaware.com/live/flight/N458 … /KSBD/KSKF
Reportedly a 747-8BBJ for Saudi

edit: Technically a 747-8VIP per the Boeing site boeing.mediaroom.com/index.php?s=43&item=2146

Photos of arrival flightaware.com/photos/aircraft/N458BJ

from boeing-test-flights.blogspot.com/

N458BJ (HZ-HMS1) B747-8JA BBJ Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Flown from San Bernardino, CA to Lackland AFB, TX
L/N 1446 C/N 40065 B747-8JA BBJ N458BJ (HZ-HMS1)
Dep SBD 13:38 PDT Arr SKF 17:48 CDT
Call Sign N458BJ Hex Code A58FF6 (710335)
It is understood the owner has recently died & the future of the aircraft is uncertain.

I know someone from San Antonio, they said they have seen 4 747-8Fs at Lackland AFB, in the house livery as well as 787s. I think that was for testing.