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Why was my feed showing red

My ADSB page it was showing red because location data not supplied. I have however always had it set. I reset it tonight and changed to green.

Very odd.

Do you mean MLAT was showing red?

There are multiple status indications that can show red.

Normally if such a failure happens the easiest way is to immediately investigate it, you can still try to check the log if you haven’t rebooted.

sudo journalctl -eu piaware -n5000

Scroll up until you find the error :slight_smile:

It was the 3 on the MyADSB page, all 3 were red. My Piaware info page was all green. That is what was so weird. Journalctl page shows no errors.

Read that twice before.

Probably some error in the FA system, not sure how to report such a bug though.

@obj do you have any idea how that could happen?
Local piaware info page reports all green while MyADSB reports all red?