Why the redundancy?


Seems redundant to have “Popular Photos” and “Highest Ranked” on the photo dropdown list. Isn’t it obvious that the highest ranked photos ARE the most popular? Here are the categories I would like to see on the photo dropdown list:

  1. Newest
  2. Most popular
  3. Commercial aircraft
  4. Private aircraft
  5. Military aircraft

  1. Photoshop

Maybe FA could make a ‘paid’ account for photographers who post regularly and it could be where user could customize it, have a home page, have options like the big FA watermark that used to be on all large size photos?


I guess it would depend on how you judge ‘popular’ and ‘rank’.
Say Photo#1 had 62 views with 20 people voting two stars each, and Photo#2 had 61 views with 5 people voting five stars each.
Photo#1 has 40 stars total, while Photo#2 has 25 stars total.
Which it more popular? Which is ranked higher? Your metric, your choice. What is the FA metric?


I’d also like it if they offered an option to add photos to a user’s personal favorites collection. I personally love fighter jets, and don’t care much for photos of commercial airliners (saw enough of those when I was a flight attendant, ha). I’d love to be able to “collect” my favorite posted photos of fighter jets.