Why is this aircraft 'blocked'


I know that a number of aircraft, mostly private, gov and military, have the Hex Code scrambled on PiAware/Dump1090, but the aircraft below, a commercial aircraft operating charter flights with pax, has been seen with a scrambled Mode-S Hex Code. Therefore it does not show on FlightAware live tracking or on my Virtual Radar Server feed. It always shows on FlightRadar24 with correct reg, so maybe this has been ‘blocked’ in error?

Boeing 737-3L9



That tail is on the FlightAware block list: flightaware.com/live/flight/GZAPW
We can’t speak for what other sites do or do not do.


Thanks for replying

It is odd that the Titan Airways fleet is blocked on here, but show on other public sites

Also odd that these civil aircraft carrying passengers on holiday are blocked, but Royal Air Force Voyagers carrying troops are not blocked on here

We need a level playground here!

Is it possible please for the fake ICAO Hex that is generated for the blocked aircraft to be set to 000000, so that at least a target with altitude, but no ICAO code, callsign or reg, is fed to Virtual Radar Server on port 30105 and is then seen on our own customised displays - just like on Flightradar24



Setting everything to 000000 is no good if there is more than one such aircraft. I assume you want to be able to distinguish the tracks in that case.

Can’t you plot the existing data? It uses the TIS-B message format.


They are understandably reluctant to provide a list of aircraft to block, so it’s a bit of a Catch-22.