Why is it NOT shown as on the way to Beijing?

Air Canada 029 is now about 20 minutes from landing in Beijing. It took off from Vancouver and was tracked out over Alaska and then, after about 4 or 5 hours, was ‘lost’ as it left North America’s tracking system. However it is going to Beijing and is showing up in the Air Canada information with an estimated landing time in a few more minutes, yet is NOT showing up under ZBAA as en route even though that IS what it is, and even though it was en route to Beijing when it disappeared from the North American tracking and will remain en route until it lands in Beijing.

Why is there a disconnect between the information that shows the flight leaving Vancouver and tracking it until it leaves Alaska’s tracking, and its being en route the rest of the time until it lands in Beijing?

Similarly, what of en route from Beijing or Hong Kong TO Vancouver. When will it show en route and when will it be picked up and shown on its actual route as it comes into the North American tracking system? I expect to be tracking flights from Singapore to Hong Kong and Hong Kong to Toronto on December 10th, for example. SQ862 and AC16, to be precise… and want to know what information I will be able to get for those flights, if anything…


This has been explained several times - why do you keep coming back to this point?

In this case I am not questioning the tracking in the air, but rather that you know it is still in the air, and once it HAS landed, you could determine that. I found out it had landed via Air Canada and via ZBAA’s web site update, where the status for that flight changed to landed. It means keeping it in en route until then, which is a catagory on the ZBAA web site that you echoed to me. I found out from the Air Canada site that it arrirved at the gate at 16:44, and also got information from ZBAA, which showed it arrived/landed at 16:40.

Is that something you do not plan to add to your ‘international’ flights into and out of Canada and the US? I am not, in this case, talking about the tracking of the flight while it is in the air, which was the subject of the other questions, but rather that fact that these international flights have actually arrived at their destinations. I see attempts to get that data on the site.

I do, incidentally, understand that you do not actually track the flight in real, 5 minute delayed, time once the aircraft leaves North American airspace and the tracking available from the US and Canada, and therefore this last question had nothing to do with that… It simply had to do with information available from the airports and airlines themselves and not what is available from Navcan and the FAA.



Yes, that is correct. Air Canada can obtain additional information from the aircraft after it departs US airspace, either from regional air traffic control authorities or satellite/high frequency radio links to the plane. When we receive the cancellation/arrival-like message as it departs US airspace, we remove it from the enroute boards at the destination, since we no longer know what the aircraft is doing.

We do not know when the aircraft arrives in Beijing. When we receive the previously mentioned cancellation/arrival-like message, that is that last we will hear about that flight, and we remove it from the enroute boards.

FlightAware will never receive or display any information on SQ862.
It looks like we pick up AC16 just north of the Aleutian Islands and track it from there all the way to Toronto. Although as you can see on the current map for that flight, there can be erroneous position reports making funny lines. Sometimes we receive two flight plans for the aircraft, one from the orgin and one from the point where the aircraft enters US monitored airspace; that is what you are seeing in the activity log for AC16.

Once the flight leaves US airspace we do not know that it is still in the air. We do not know when it lands. To track international flights outside of US/Canadian airspace you will have to continue to use the airline’s or airport’s website.

At the present we cannot determine when aircraft takeoff/land outside of the US/Canada. To do so would require a feed from each country’s/region’s air traffic control authority. We do not have feeds from individual airports outside of the US/Canada, nor the individual airlines. We may be able to arrange this in the future, but we do not plan on having it available in the short term.

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