Why I can't see all the planes from FlightAware on PiAware Skyview?


20/sec is very low - right now (late evening, terribly placed antenna) I see 150/sec here.


My antenna is in the window, “looking” straight at the planes, no building around. Can it be the gain that has a wrong setting? Right now it is set at -10 (AGC).


nope - this is in most cases the best (because highest) gain and even higher than max. but simply try the lower settings like 50, 40, 30. maybe high power mobilephone stations are near - then a filter could help. best is cavity-filter, second best uputronics filter/amp. if there is lot of noise on 960 mhz then the external fa-filter is the wrong choice. if possible try to open the window and see if then reception is better - some types of windows have metallic foils. test your antenna connection cables and plugs often there is a problem - must always be male to female - always a pin that sticks in a hole …


I ordered a new antenna and filter. I’ll keep you posted with the results. BTW I tried opening the window – no change.


As promised here’s the follow-up : New antenna + filter = 300% more planes and the messages/sec went up from 25 to a hundred. Thanks to you all once again!


very cool that in the end anything is fine :slight_smile: