Why does United Airlines have a hub in Guam?


I was looking at a list of all the hub’s United Airlines has, and found out that they have a hub in Guam. I don’t understand why they would open up a hub there. I somewhat understand why they have one at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport. After all, United has gained three more hubs in KIAH, KEWR, and KCLE when merging with Continental Airlines because of the amount of aircrafts they currently have following the merger. Before, it was just KSFO, KORD, KDEN, KIAD, and RJAA [Tokyo-Narita Intl Airport].

Was this a hub for Continental Airlines prior to merging with United Airlines? Or did they open it up recently? What was the reason for opening up a hub there? What United aircraft’s operate to and from there? PS: The only american destination from Guam is KORD.


Japanese, Korean, and other tourists from the Far East.n It was a Continental hub for many decades. They do operate between Guam, Micronesia, and Hawaii. Last time I checked Hawaii was a state. The other Micronesian islands are commonwealths with American ZIP codes, area codes, postage, etc., etc.


ORD is not served non-stop from Guam. The flight goes to Honolulu first.

The Guam hub was part of an airline called Continental Micronesia which has a very long history serving the United States Micronesian and other Pacific territories.

Read this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continental_Micronesia


That explains alot! Thanks!


United actually has an episode of ‘Big Metal Bird’ on this.
Its a multistop flight plan from honolulu through a couple micronesian countries and then Guam. They do this to attract visitors and also import goods.

United’s ‘Big Metal Bird’ episode: https://hub.united.com/united-bmb-island-hopper-2579482833.html