Why do flight attendents ask to turn of cellphones


I always travel to different countrys for vacation every summer and yes I do take planes, What I dont get though is why flight attendents ask you to turn of the cellphones and other electronics. :question:


See this thread: discussions.flightaware.com/view … ell+phones

I’m curious: Am I the only one who actually looks through a forum on a website that is new to me before I start posting?

I spent some time going through this forum when I first joined FlightAware and learned quite a bit about the site.

My suggestion is that people do two things when going to a site new to them. One is to read the FAQs (or Questions/Answers as it’s called here) and, if there is a forum, browse through the forum. It’s amazing how many questions will be answered by doing these two simple things.

Oh, one other thing. This makes it easier for others to read and doesn’t make the poster look dumb. Use correct spelling (spelling checker is built into Firefox) and try to use correct grammar.