why are touch and goes not tracked

im trying to show to some people what one pilot did tonite on approach to cyxu with a cessna and looked up his registraction searched it in here and no findings…didnt show up on cyxu page at all today…

any help…

A: He was flying VFR

B: No flight plan filed as it is not required for VFR (Only IFR and certain VFR flights are tracked on flightaware)

C: May not even have used ATC services, if an uncontrolled airport.

D: All of the above

There are no Radar services at London. So no way to track’em

ah thanks dude…

File IFR. Me staying current a few months ago. Great day for it, 600 ovc and 2 miles.

Frank Holbert

Having been there and done that, filing IFR doesn’t guarantee you will get tracked as you displayed :wink: as I have done it both locally and through centers without success.

For me IFR 100% of the time. VFR with FF 30% of the time.

Frank Holbert

I would bet it has a lot to do with where you are trying to go. A lot of places don’t have radar coverage below 1000 feet. Someplaces, like here, ATC can’t see you below 4000 feet.

Which is exactly what I was trying to allude to :wink: His 100 percent getting tracked on FA experiences probably not representative of the rest of the world for touch and goes.

When I did a round robin XC from KMBO to KTUP, center terminated my radar services when handed off to KTUP tower. FA terminated the flight as arrived and apparently ATC opened up a second plan or did something different for my return trip when I got back in touch with Memphis center after the touch and go.

The resulting tracking showed up as two different flights and the tracks did not include the touch and go when I was with KTUP tower.

Like you said especially NE and east portion of MS, I can’t go below 5000 and get ATC services on GPS direct flights.

Forget tracking local IFR flights that I did so often even when I did filed. I have never been tracked on FA. It shows up as scheduled but then never did track. This didn’t surprise me since I only got a local squawk code 01xx and not assigned a national code (usually began with 5 in these neck of the woods) when I picked up my clearance.

Actually thinking back many years, I seem to remember once being told by ATC, around Natchez or so, that I would have to climb to 7000 in order to keep radar services. If NextGen ever happens, a lot of these gaps may shrink or disappear all together.