Why are some photos marked incorrectly from Flight Aware?

I just looked at one of my photos and saw that it’s listed as a Jodel D-20, when it’s clearly a Beech D-18. Then I looked at other Beech 18 photos and they’re all listed as Jodel D-20’s. What or who is listing these photos incorrectly, is it your goofy software program? I know my planes and a Jodel is a small French single engine homebuilt and a Beech 18 is a twin with PW radial engines. I wouldn’t list it as a Jodel D-20 in a million years, I know the difference, I used to fly 18’s.

flightaware.com/photos/view/2714 … tes/page/1


Here’s another one, a Piper J-3, this is NOT a NE-1.
A NE-1 is a Super Cub modified for carrying a liter under it’s turtledeck which folds up for use. I noticed other Super Cubs here have been listed this way too. Very few Cubs have been modified as a NE-1, so listing a J-3 or PA-18 as a NE-1 is wrong, just as listing a 747 as a DC-9 is wrong.

flightaware.com/photos/view/2714 … tes/page/1

So how about fixing this, or a least an explaination.

I don’t know what database of aircraft types Flightaware uses but it is probably from the FAA or ICAO.
FAA: faa.gov/air_traffic/publicat … NT/5-2.htm
ICAO: flugzeuginfo.net/table_accodes_en.php

The code for a Beech 18 (any non-turbine model) is BE18, D18 is indeed a Jodel but I don’t know how it gets shown as a D20.

Because of similar problems reported I suspect Flightaware isn’t using the databases above, but a different one altogether? And I don’t know how the software decides which decode to use when more than one model is covered by a single code, as in the J3 case.

It seems like in the past past the ‘aircraft type’ input wasn’t that selective, I had a heck of time finding “HUCO” recently as a valid aircraft type flightaware.com/photos/aircrafttype/HUCO for a Cobra, there are other photos of the same type Cobras with other/invalid ‘aircraft type’