Why are so many squawks voted DOWN by so many people?

I’m curious as to why people vote squarks DOWN, especially some of the ones which seem pretty good to me, including ones I have submitted such as “First photos: Virgin Atlantic’s new uniforms by Vivienne Westwood”. This has been voted DOWN eight times (ie, ‘-8’)

I thought the uniforms looked good and that stories like this would be popular but do people not like stories about uniforms on FlightAware?

Are there any specific reasons that different people here vote stories down? I’d really be interested to know! Is it because you ‘disagree’ with a story, kind of like if Facebook had a “don’t like” button?

There are just some people on this site that just like to do that; every site has these types of people. What I do is I post the news I think is interesting in the Aviation News section of the discussion forum. Nobody can give it a thumbs down there and I get more serious and a better discussion about what I post there. It’s like YouTube when you disable the like-unlike feature.
Also, I tend to always get a one star on my photos that get a 4 or 5 star from others. Sometimes you just have one person that for no good reason holds something against you.

Somepeople vote down news stories about things they don’t like. For example, when I post things about the EAS program a lot of people down vote it because they oppose the EAS program, not because the story is bad.

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/47/Thumbs_down.jpg :open_mouth: :laughing:

I have seen all of the photos on “Newest Photos” get a one star at many different times of the day. WHAT A LIFE! :confused:

I guess there’s an exception…