Why Always The USA?

Whenever I use FlightAware in ‘Random Flight’ mode - something I do a lot of the time - I invariably end up with a US flight. Is there any particular reason for this? I also accept that (on a country by country basis) most flying takes place over the US. However, there is an awful lot of flying going on over Europe, the Middle East and the Far East - as well as lesser amounts over Australia, Africa & South America. Surely, statistically, ‘Random Flight’ should throw up a non-US flight at least on a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio? Any thoughts on this one, please?

The random flight page intentionally limits results to just US and Canadian airports because that is where our data quality is best.

If you want to include international flights in the mix, then use flightaware.com/live/flight/random?intl=1

Thanks for the reply. I tried the link, but it took me to yet another internal US flight & the page and headers appeared to be no different to those I been seeing these last few weeks. Can you help further, please?

Incidentally, I have absolutely nothing against US aviation - it’s just that, living in Europe, I like a bit more variety in my flight info.

The link doesn’t guarantee that you will get an international flight–just that you may get one. You will need to retry it several times to see the effect.

I got a flight in china first click.

I ran it X10 last night 3 US, 7 Eu 0 elsewhere.
Luck of the draw :wink: