Who's right ?

January 7 - Delta 75

FlightAware says that is still taxing (5 hours - 20 minutes delay)
Delta says it is on time and shows it in the middle of the Atlantic.

Who’s right ?


I see it in the middle of the Atlantic on FlightAware. flightaware.com/live/flight/DAL7 … /LIMC/KATL

Progress 6 hours 7 minutes

Status En Route (2,555 miles down; 1,579 miles to go)

Yep now, until an hour ago it was still “taxing”.
I would say that is totally not believable …


Delta sent us the message that the flight left the gate but never indicated the flight left the runway so we couldn’t reflect the in-air status until the FAA picked up the flight about halfway across the Atlantic. I’ll follow up with them.

Thanks for the answer.