Who saw Family Guy on Sunday?




I saw it great show and very funny clip.


Guess it might be an age thing. Family Guy, Sponge Bob, etc, are just plain stupid in this poster’s most humble opinion. I remember the age of great cartoons like Bugs Bunny, Foghorn, Bullwinkle, etc.

The only decent cartoon now is Simpsons because it is more satire than anything else.


Nah, Family Guy is a good one, mainly for Bryan and Stewey.


Haha…I love Family Guy. I agree with Dami about the old classic like Loony Toons but Family Guy is the only current cartoon I watch.


What about Marvin Earthling?


For KIDS cartoons, you can’t beat the classics like Tom & Jerry and Looney Tunes, but the modern adult-oriented cartoons like The Simpsons and Family Guy are some of the funniest shows on TV, in an era where good comedy is a scarce commodity in a world of reality shows and lousy sitcoms.

P.S. I though the “dead pilot” gag was even funnier than Captain Quagmire, although both made me laugh. “Alright, throw me a beer!”


Gigadeeee, gigadeeee, gigadeeee. Cheerleaders! Score!