Who pays for the ride/lift?

Question for one & all here at FA:

I didn’t know that this took place for civilian aircraft/aerobatic performers to get to & from airshows (over big water/ponds) - if so - who pays for these jaunts (the little planes in the big planes to get to air shows) - do we as tax payers pay for these rides???

The show is over…Time to load up the C-5 for our return to the mainland. Thanks to the Westover crew for our ride.


I posted this question over in AirShowBuzz & not one person ever answered my/this question (wonder why???) :exclamation: :question:

Just a question for you all - who pays the government to load & lock those civilian aircraft aboard the military aircraft - do our tax dollars do that??? Never thought about till seeing these pics… :unamused:

AND - DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE PICS OF CIVILIAN AIRCRAFT BEING LIFTED/RIDING IN GOVERNMENT AIRCRAFT (especially for fun/pleasure instead of a mission for emergency, etc.)??? :question:

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I believe that Tim Weber was performing for the troops. He’s a nice guy, I’m sure he gave his time. As far his plane, I’m not sure who pays for that. It might be someone like the USO or some other troop benefit organization. Maybe we paid for it, but if the plane was one the way anyway, what’s a few more pounds?

The pic was taken after Blues on the Bay in Hawaii - was that air show for the troops??? I can’t see the aircraft behind his but I think I have seen this done before in another pic somewhere.

I checked out his website you provided the link to & he has an email address - guess I could email him & ask him - he sounds like a very “proficient” man in many things!!!

Looks like Geico is his major sponsor - I agree with what you say about hitchin a ride if the ride is going anyway - but there is also a lot of other things to consider (like if the government/military aircraft went down & there were civilian aircraft aboard who pays for the insurance, etc.) & if you are going to do it for a few special ones - then why don’t you do it for everyone - just smacks of favoritism to me - the good ol boy system - but then again what’s new under the sun - nothing!!! :unamused:

The armed forces have enormous advertising (*****) budgets for recruitment purposes as well as for troop retention. So there’s plenty of money available to pay for such rides if a bill is ever presented.

(* They are exempt from truth in advertising laws!)

Well no doubt JHEM - that’s not my question - I’m sure there is lots of money for it all - what I’m asking (which is probably a stupid question) is are we/the taxpayers paying this advertising bill.

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Although - that aircraft in the above pic is a Reserve aircraft & we’ve had issues lately in Oklahoma that the large (and I mean large) reserve unit that is training right now to go to Iraq didn’t even have enough money to buy weapons to train with & you say they have all this money to give rides & advertise with - this whole picture is really really messed up (notice I didn’t use the “f” word but I wanted to - believe me I did). :blush:

If they used advertising money for this, I think it was well spent.

However, for those of you who have not been in the military you probably don’t know about MWR (morale, welfare, and recreation) funds. This money is funded through sales at the base/post exchanges. It is a non-appropriated fund and is used for exactly the purposes the title MWR indicates.

The transportation of the aircraft could have been funded this way. They would not have to funded the whole flight but just the extra weight caused by the plane.

I don’t know the answer to this specific question, but do know that movie companies who use military assets for filming pay the service something for it. However, they pay MUCH less than the actual costs. For example, in Hunt For Red October, they paid less than $150,000 total. In Top Gun, they didn’t pay much either. The last time I checked, for aircraft they only charged the actual cost of the fuel used and that only if the aircraft wasn’t being flown for another purpose. Generally, they just call them training missions.

Several years ago I remember reading an article in some magazine. The US Aerobatic Team was headed for Europe to compete and they needed to raise money to pay the Air Force to transport the team aircraft. So I guess what that means is yes, the freight pays. How much I don’t remember.

Retrieved another pic from AirShowBuzz (I always wondered how long it took them to fly their “little” planes over there):

About 10 years ago, an Air Force C-17 flew a whale from here in Oregon to Iceland for “re-introduction into the wild”. The Air Force will ease those planes- for a price.

Epilogue to the whale story. A year later, the whale escaped, swam to Noway and died a short time later in a Fjord.