Who is Ron Paul???

Bimp Tracker and Streaming Video , and Blimp Wars video.

Being a Canadian, it’ll be interesting to see where this thread goes???

I see a quash by mduell coming.

“That’s what I was thinking!”

If Ron Paul is trying the James Stockdale “Who am I?” approach, he ought to remember that it didn’t get Ross Perot elected.

Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance. Everytime I here the name Ron Paul, the image of Rupaul comes to my head. :wink:


Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance. Everytime I here the name Ron Paul, the image of John Paul comes to my head. :wink:

It got Clinton elected!

Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance. Everytime I here the name Ron Paul, the image of Rupaul comes to my head.

Do your thing, on the runway…


Oh my gosh - this thread is typing politics - the way off aviation topic although it did start with a blimp (something in the air that is!) - but it won’t be me that complains that is for sure - I like learning about all things!!! :smiley:

I just think it’s really funny… :unamused:

BTW: guys - I forgot to tell you how much I enjoy your graphics/pp (picture posts) - they are wonderful & I enjoy them so much. A picture is worth a thousand words… 8) (doesn’t say much for text)


Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate that isn’t a little scary.

All of them are scary if you ask me (candidates/Republicans and/or Democrats)… :confused: needed to clairfy that with an edit… :open_mouth:

BUT - I will agree to the extent of my knowledge of Mr. Paul with you - only because most of my friends think he hung the moon - but none of us know any of them personally so how can we really know who they are & I don’t think my vote counts anyway… :smiley:

BTW: welcome to FlightBeware - I see this is your first comment/post… :laughing:

Since this thread is everywhere.

I was going to post earlier, but didn’t want to get involved in the thread this occured in. flygirlcj, I’m just commenting on your FlightBeware reference. I think a week or so ago you had a problem with what you thought was your account and that words were printed that were not your own. As you can see, you can quote anyone and put words in there ’ mouth ’ quite easily by changing the text in the quote.

This hasn’t been a problem here as far as I can tell, but always check.

p.s. I’ll edit my misquote if you request.

Gotcha perch & you are absolutely correct - never even went there but you sure could. I’m as honest as you can get & not to smart when it comes to imposting myself as someone that I’m not - doesn’t appear in my heart/spirit to do such - but thank you for pointing that out - seems there is really no way you can stop that sort of thing - is there?!?!?!

Just to clarify things at this point - I didn’t type the vampire text that is now in my quote!!! :blush:

(could there be some hidden Freudian slip in there…)


BTW guys - it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood here in OKC - THE SUN IS FINALLY SHINING & THE ICE IS MELTING… :smiley: :arrow_right:

Don’t want to rub anything in, but the weather ain’t bad here right next to KFLLl… :smiling_imp: :laughing:

Nice to hear your basking in the sun, but where do you keep your beer eh???

LOL!!! If YOUR refrigerator looks like that, YOU may be a redneck!