Who is Bob Maxwell


Visiting from UK and staying in Oceanside so am curious.

In some information literature the local airport is shown as Oceanside Municipal Airport, others list it as Bob Maxwell Memorial Airport.

Who was Bob Maxwell please?


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I Googled him and got this, edited for space by yours truly:

Bob Maxwell died in August 2010 a the age of 88, but his legacy lives on as an aviator and a community leader. He was so influential a supporter of Oceanside’s little airport, that in 2013, Oceanside Municipal Airport was renamed in his honor. Now Oceanside Municipal Airport is officially called the Bob Maxwell Memorial Field…
But what is so fabulous is that this Oceanside airfield honors the memory of a former Tuskegee Airman & aviation enthusiast who was instrumental in saving Oceanside’s Airport when it was slated for closure, as part of a shady land grab back in 2006… Maxwell joined the Army Air Corps during World War II and was trained as a bomber pilot. He was an esteemed member of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen–the first group of African-American fighter & bomber pilots ever in our country’s history. The group was collectively honored with a congressional Gold Medal for service in 2007.

Oceanside’s small airport in the city’s San Luis Rey Valley just north of Highway 76.is lucky to be renamed after such an honorable and beloved aviation figure as Bob Maxwell.


Thanks porterjet.

I did try a Google search but never came up with that report.

I knew they tried to close the airport but didn’t know Bob Maxwell was instrumental in keeping it open.


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