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Who has the... most messages per Ident?

In the spirit of “PiAware Streak” and just for fun, who has the highest number of messages per Ident, (ignoring recreational, GA, military & ground stations) for a regular scheduled flight?

Here’s a recent example, setting the bar at 99,763…

Hopefully someone can easily beat that with a 6-figure # messages :dizzy:

My max range is not large enough. The longest route is approx 45 Minutes which normally gibes approx. 70.000 messages overall.

I have some higher numbers for aircraft on my screen doing circles (typically military), but this is not what you’ve asked for :slight_smile:

I think conditions must be “up” this morning. Just seen a track that has broken my personal record :grin:


And over to the west of the UK I am seeing aircraft beyond my normal limits:


Some signs of Tropospheric conditions perhaps?

Yes, there’s definitely tropo about.

I’m not likely to see how I’m doing for messages/ident as I don’t tend to look at the Skyview map very often.

I’m also seeing messages rates up considerably. It’s been a long time since I’ve exceeded 1800 /sec and I suspect it may go higher still today.


My range out towards Ireland is once again up well above normal:

The fine weather is predicted to break soon, so the Tropo contribution may disappear before the weekend.

Well I don’t know what was going on yesterday (July 6th) but I had an unusually high post 10.30 pm rise in traffic!


…and some very long tracks observed…


Messages/second were still up above 500 late on the day and overall it was my highest number of aircraft and positions in the last 30 days (even exceeding the Tropo-assisted lift last month 24th/25th)

Easy - just latch on to a Project Loon balloon while it meanders overhead (HBAL0270 - 461222 msgs when I took the screen shots)